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Monday, September 26 2016

What has the greatest impact on your success as an organization or company?

Our society is often caught up in a victim-response without realizing the actual drivers behind our actions. This is true for individuals, as well as businesses and organizations. In truth, every business, organization, or government entity is comprised of individuals and will evolve or devolve as a reflection of the personalities in leadership. The success of whole is rarely, if ever, greater than the depth of character of those at the top.

The title question of Intention or response to Outside Influences is somewhat misleading, as even the greatest success is deeply impacted by outside influences. The core question is whether your organization operates with a synergistic understanding and agreement of goals and values, which are effectively and continuously communicated at every level.

You may have a comprehensive plan which includes all the necessary aspects for success in your particular industry. However, unless this plan is based upon carefully defined goals and is tied to values required for these goals, the organization will be incapable of adequate implementation. All manner of external drivers will occur to require a response from every level of the organization. By the limited nature of any strategic plan and organizational goals, it isn't possible to provide a scripted response to all potential outside influences.

When individuals understand and agree on the goals and core values, each one is able to provide their unique response to any particular situation with integrity. Integrity is having a response that is integrated and in harmony with the ideology or values of the organization.

Unfortunately, very few businesses, organizations or government entities have taken the time and become transparent and authentic with those involved to create and define core values which support clearly defined goals. More often one or a few strong individuals define a static goal and expect synergistic implementation by the staff at large based on the founder or president's personality and undefined values. This foundation does allow for success, when just the right people are involved and have a strong enough knowledge of or relationship with the leadership to mimic the external attitudes and actions in their own roles. However, this haphazard form of success is limited and can easily be undermined either by the eventual change in leadership or unexpected events for which the individuals are unable to implement the correct response based on the response each one may imagine would be desired by leadership.

I would love for you to provide your own comments of events and experiences that relate to this concept of goal and value based entities. In addition to leaving comments here, you may contact me personally, either with your own experiences or to seek expert advice and strategies for the greater success of your organization.

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